10 Year Anniversary Bulk Buy

Gameco Artisan Supplies is Turning Ten

It began with a steel bulk buy.

In October 2012, I was employed as a technical sales person at Gameco, selling commercial and industrial gas equipment. I was also well known in the bushcraft community and had a keen interest in all things knife making. The issue at this time for knife makers and blacksmiths was the limited availability of good-quality steels at a reasonable price in Australia.

With some strong contacts in the US and decades of experience importing goods, I decided to attempt to secure some high-quality steel for myself and a small number of friends. As our total order quantity was low, import costs on the steel were a killer. The solution – buy in bulk. Putting the word out on Australian blade forums, 30+ makers were willing to take part in a steel bulk buy planned and managed by myself at Gameco. At this point Gameco Artisan Supplies was born.

With the success of the first steel bulk buy – with its cost savings and the ability to provide makers with affordable materials – we started expanding, running grinder, forging tools, Paragon heat-treating furnace and handle materials bulk buys. We produced a product catalogue that now has over 70+ pages and established an online store that showcases thousands of artisan products.

As we started making more products available locally via the Gameco Artisan Supplies website and our bulk buys, knife making and blacksmithing became much more accessible. However, more creators meant that the range of products required to meet all of the varying needs also grew. To meet this demand, Gameco Artisan Supplies has worked tirelessly to be the preferred source for equipment, materials and tools for artisans, as well as providing support every step of the way.

Being knife makers ourselves, we have always strived to find the best quality equipment, materials and tools from the world’s best suppliers. We continue to champion the bulk-buying power generated by the Australian knife making community to provide the best possible deals for customers.

These days all of our bulk buys are conducted on our dedicated bulk buy group on Facebook.

bulk buy group on Facebook

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Corin Urquhart, Founder and General Manager.

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