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Selected Blacksmith Tongs and Tools on Sale

The blacksmiths tongs are one of the most important items in a blacksmiths shop. If you cannot hold the red hot steel firmly, it is next to impossible to effectively manipulate and shape it. Gameco Artisan Supplies stocks the biggest range of tongs and tools available on the shelf in Australia for blacksmithing and knifemaking. Until Christmas 2015...

Blacksmithing in Australia

Blacksmithing is often called a dieing art. Is it though? Are we letting it die? At the numerous shows and demonstrations Gameco Artisan Supplies attends across Australia, we are always amazed by the amazing work being completed by Aussie Artisans. Artist Blacksmiths, Tool Making Smiths and Bladesmiths,  demonstrating their arts, attract so much interest at public events....

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