knifemaker and blacksmith teacher australia

Knifemaking & Blacksmithing Teachers Australia

Teachers NSW

Sydney – Eveleigh Works

Sydney – Keith Fludder
Knife Making Courses.

Newcastle – Bat Country Forge
Blacksmithing & Knife Making Courses.

North Coast – Ironlord Forge
Knifemaking and Blacksmithing Courses.

South Coast – Mother Mountain Forge
Knifemaking Courses

Central West – Kilmarnock Forge
Blacksmithing and Knifemaking courses

Barry Kennedy Knives
Blacksmithing and Knifemaking courses
Email: [email protected]

David Graham
Forged Custom Ironworks

Scott Reynolds
[email protected]

Teachers ACT

ACT – Tharwa Valley Forge
Knife Making Courses

ACT – Kev’s Forge
Knife Making Courses

Teachers Victoria

Melbourne – Waterside Metal Art
Blacksmith Courses.

Melbourne – DB Blades
DB Blades

Metal Monkey Knives 
Facebook: Tobias Bockholt

Teachers South Australia

SA Gardner Knives
Knife making Courses.

Teachers Queensland

Martin Geddes
Blacksmithing and Knifemaking courses

Paul Emmanuel Arestan 
Knifemaking Classes

Michael Smith

Teachers Western Australia

Barnett Custom Knives

Knifemaking & Blacksmithing Teachers New Zealand

Shea Stackhouse – Wellington

Zander Blades LTD
Email: [email protected]

Brent Sandow – Auckland
Facebook Page: Brent Sandow knives
Email: [email protected]

Richard van Dijk – Motueka
Knife making & jewellery courses 
[email protected]

Knifemaking & Blacksmithing Forums

Australian Blade Forums:

Australian Blacksmiths, Bladesmiths and Knifemakers Network


Knifemaking & Blacksmith Clubs, Guilds and Associations

The Australian Knifemakers Guild:

The Artist Blacksmiths Association of NSW:

Artist Blacksmith Association South Australia:

Artist Blacksmith Association (vic) Inc.