Knife Making Supplies

Be a Maker!

Because handmade goods have a heartbeat and a piece of their creator in them. – Japanese Knifemaker from Tokyo

knife making
With high quality knife making supplies we ensure that knife making is a beautiful process of engineering your knife. Knife making is a very rewarding hobby if you are a hands on kind of person.

And just like any other hobby there are a lot of different ways to go about making knives. For some ways you need an anvil and forge. This is where knife making would overlap with the craft or hobby of blacksmithing. But you can make knives without an anvil and forge. And you can make perfectly professional knives this way. Find more information on how to make your first knife here.

Making a knife is by any one or a combination of processes: stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination or investment cast. Typical metals used come from the carbon steel, tool, or stainless steel families. Primitive knives have been made from copper, brass, bronze, iron, obsidian, and flint.

Over the history there are only a few objects that maintained their original purpose, particular shape and value through history. Knives are a rare example of intersecting ancient legends considering knife materials and production process with the ways of modern technology.

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