Paragon Heat Treating Furnaces

You can make the perfect knife with the perfect steel and the perfect grind but without the correct heat treatment, the blade will never perform to its potential. Aside from removing the handle and reheat treating, there is no solution.

Knife making is as much about the journey as the end result, and having your own furnace allows you to? experiment with heat treating to find the right recipe for your steel and intended use.

Paragon makes this journey a pleasure. With their fully programmable controllers, they allow you control the rate at which the oven heats and cools, soak for as long as necessary and then repeat it batch after batch.

You can even anneal steel and bring it back to its softened state.

No more sending blades away, and waiting weeks for their return. With your own oven your blades can be heat treated in the afternoon ready for their final finish the next day.

All Paragon heat treating furnaces are capable of reaching 1287?C