Why choose Damasteel??

Patented Powder Metallurgy product.
? Solid steel technology resulting in a homogeneous product.
? Highest cleanliness with no inclusions.
? Incomparable toughness and strength.
? Excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
? Superior edge sharpness and cutting ability.
? Top quality and easy to work with ensures perfect result.
? Best overall performing stainless Damascus patterned steel.


damasteelThe technique to create the steel that has everything was developed a few hundred years before the birth of Christ. Its properties were unique ? an unbeatable strength combined with durability. The steel?s patterned surface was also more beautiful than anything before. The so-called damascus?steel established a superior reputation. Sword blades, daggers and spears of?damascus?steel were reliable in battle. Chiefs and powerful rulers with such weapons in their hand were thought to be almost impossible to defeat.?Damascus?steel was not just a sign of power and wealth; the steel also has long thought to have mystical qualities.

The forge welding technique ? layering two types of steel in seven sheets ? was developed and refined over time. Creating damascus?steel?s magical design involves the finest smith craftsmanship and is proof of ultimate craftsmanship.

Damascus?steel?s exclusivity spread throughout the world over generations. Among Roman and Celtic warriors, Viking chieftains and Arabic emperors ? damascus?steel has always been synonymous with respect, strength, beauty and class for great leaders.


damasteelIn many ways, the steel industry developed Sweden into a modern and internationally competitive society. Not least in the area surrounding the successful iron industry villages in Northern Uppland. In 1676, the manufacture of anchors began at a mill in S?derfors. Through a new forge welding technique, the final product was stronger and better than anything before. Several steel industries rapidly developed in the village. Some of them, including Scana Steel and Erasteel, continue S?derfors?s steel tradition today.

It was also Erasteel that in 1992 initiated the collaboration that would lead to the formation of a new company ? and an international patent. Per Billgren, employee at Erasteel, and Kaj Embretsen, smith and knife maker, together developed a method for manufacturing high-alloy damascus?steel via powder metallurgy. Following method winning the ?Innovation of the year? prize at the EPMA-conference in Paris in 1994, the step was taken to start the company Damasteel?. Damasteel? today is the youngest steel company in revered S?derfors that carries over 300 years of tradition forward. The skilled smiths have all the unique expertise in both steel production and design.

The high-tech process to manufacture stainless damascus?steel is combined with a genuine craftsmanship and intimacy with the client. A fascination for the mythical damascus?steel exists at Damasteel?. Even today, beauty has its natural place in the world of steel.