We stock a huge range of handle materials and hardware for knife making.

Knife Handle Material

For a working knife it is important to have a handle that is durable, resistant to water and oils, won’t shrink, warp or crack with temperature and humidity changes, and also looks great. For this reason G10, Micarta and stabilised wood are very popular. Synthetic handle material like G10 and Micarta, Stabilized timbers and some natural timbers all produce toxic dust when cut, ground and sanded. Seek expert advice and put systems in place to manage this dust prior to starting work.

Knife Handle Material

multicolor g10 tableg10/fr4 liner materialg10/fr4 liner material

Knife Handle Material


G10 is a fiberglass based laminate. Layers of fiberglass cloth are soaked in resin and are baked and compressed. The resulting material is very strong, hard and lightweight. Surface texture is added in the form of checkering. G-10 is an ideal material for tactical folders because of its ruggedness and lightweight. It is available in all different colours for you knife handle.


Very elegant material for pocketknives. Derived from naturally shed deer antlers. When in open flame, stag takes on that slightly burnt look.


Derived from naturally deceased animals. Bone is usually given a surface texture, most commonly in the forms of pickbone and jigged bone. Bone can be dyed to achieve bright colors (e.g. green, blue, and black). This is the most common handle material for pocketknives.


The most common form is linen micarta. Similar construction as G10. The layers of linen cloths are soaked in a phoenolic resin. The end product is a material that is lightweight, strong, as well as having a touch of class thus dressier than G10. Micarta has no surface texture, it is extremely smooth to the touch, if feels wonderful in your hands. Micarta is a material that requires hand labor, which translates into a higher priced knife. Because of it’s soft material Micarta can be easily scratched if not handled carefully.

Knife Handle Material