At Gameco Artisan Supplies we stock the biggest range of electric kilns and furnaces in Australia. We are one of the largest distributors of Paragon electric kilns in both Australia and New Zealand, importing kilns approximately 4 times a year. We also offer small repairs under Australian Consumer Law.

Paragon kilns are world class. Made in America and individually assembled by master kiln builders. Each kiln must pass a stringent fifteen-step quality control inspection before they can be shipped and proven to be reliable. Available in a wide range of sizes, power requirements and for a variety of purposes.

Given the unique nature of our relationship with Paragon Industries, we have the ability to not only order any specific Paragon product outside what we normally stock, but also work with Paragon directly to custom-build a kiln or furnace to suit your specific job requirements.

View our full range now. If an item is not currently in stock in Australia, contact us in our Sydney branch on 02 9648 5856 or via email [email protected] and we might be able to bring it in with our next shipment.

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PContact us with your postcode and we are able to provide you an upfront shipping quote to get it directly delivered to your home.

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Paragon Kiln Sales Team at Ausglass in Canberra

If a particular kiln you are interested in is showing as out of stock or you have any questions about a specific kiln, fill out the following order form and a customer service team member will be in touch soon. We might be able to add an item to our next incoming shipment for you