1075 4.3mm Utility Knife Blade Blank

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1075 4.3 mm Utility Knife Blade Blank.

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1075 Carbon Steel Utility Knife Blade Blank is a fast way to get straight into creating a utility knife.

All required is to tidy up the profile, grind the bevels, drill pin holes, heat treat and fit a handle.

1075 is suitable steel for new makers and experts alike, the ease of home heat treating and its excellent performance characteristics make working with 1075 easy.

This blank is cut by waterjet so there is no heat-affected zone.

Note: 1075 Carbon Steel Utility Knife Blade Blank comes annealed (soft).

Alloy Composition:

Element %
Carbon: 0.70-0.80%
Manganese: 0.40-0.70%
Sulfur: 0.050%
Phosphorus: 0.030%

Recommended Heat Treatment:

  • Heat at 815°C.
  • Quench in Houghton’s G Medium Quench Oil or a high flash point vegetable oil such as canola at 50-60°C.
  • 2 tempering cycles for 2 hours each at around 175-200 degrees depending on desired hardness” – higher tempering temps are likely to leave 1075 a bit soft for knives.

Recommended working hardness 60 – 65 HRC.


4.3 x 210 mm.

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