1075 Carbon Steel 5.3 x 270 x 800mm


1075 Carbon Steel 5.3 x 270 x 800 mm.

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One sheet of 1075 High Carbon Steel measuring 5.3 x 270 x 800 mm.

1075 is excellent knifemaking steel with its ability to easily sharpened. Simple to work whether making knives by stock removal or forging and often a popular choice for larger knives.

Suitable steel for new makers and experts alike, the ease of home heat treating and its excellent performance characteristics make working with 1075 easy.

1075 can also be paired with 15N20 to make Damascus, where the 1084 layers become darker while the high nickel of 15N20 becomes lighter within the pattern when etched in Ferric Chloride.

Note: 1075 steel comes annealed (soft).

Alloy Composition:

Element %
Carbon: 0.70-0.80%
Manganese: 0.40-0.70%
Sulfur: 0.050%
Phosphorus: 0.030%

Recommended Heat Treatment:

  • Heat at 815°C.
  • Quench in Houghton’s G Medium Quench Oil or a high flash point vegetable oil such as canola at 50-60°C.
  • 2 tempering cycles for 2 hours each at around 175-200 degrees depending on desired hardness” – higher tempering temps are likely to leave 1075 a bit soft for knives.

Recommended working hardness 60 – 65 HRC.


5.3 x 270 x 800 mm.

Often purchased with: Handle Materials, Pins Fasteners and Adhesives

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