1084-125-1.5-48 (3.2 x 38 x 1220 mm) Carbon Steel

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1084 carbon steel 3.2 x 38 x 1220 mm

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Our premium German made 1084 is world renowned for its quality and performance. The most suitable steels for the new maker, the ease of home heat treating and their excellent performance characteristics  make an excellent first knife.  In the hands of a master, as a layer in a Damascus billet or in their own right these steels hold their own amongst the best.

1084 is a eutectoid steel widely used in damascus, pattern welded steel production. Our 1084 comes pickled (cleaned) and annealed (soft). Our steel is cut by bandsaw or water jet, whilst this adds considerable expense and sometimes makes the steel look rusty, neither of these methods impart stresses into the steel as cheaper methods such as shearing will.


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Dimensions 122 × 3.8 × 0.32 cm

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