26C3 Carbon Steel (Spicy White) 3.6 x 63 x 1000mm


One bar of 26C3 Carbon Steel measuring 3.6 x 63 x 1000 mm.

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One bar of 26C3 measuring 3.6 x 63 x 1000 mm.

Uddeholm 26C3 is a very high carbon steel with closely controlled alloy content and low impurities. Originally developed for making scalpels and razorblades, it has very fine grain structure and the highest potential for sharpness.

When differentially hardened using a clay like satanite 26C3 can also produce remarkable hamons.

Typical alloy composition:

Carbon – 1.25%
Chromium – 0.30%
Manganese – 0.40%
Phosphorus – 0.020% Max
Sulphur – 0.010% Max
Silicon – 0.22%

Recommended Heat Treatment

*Austenitise at 800°C for 10 minutes

*Quench in Houghton’s K fast quench oil pre-heated to 50-60°C

*Temper at 150-230°C for 2 hours, twice

Recommended working hardness 61-65HRC, depending on application.

Estimated tempering hardness:

150°C 65HRC

175°C 63.5HRC

200°C 62HRC

230°C 61HRC

Tempering at 230°C for 61HRC should give twice the toughness of 63.5HRC from tempering at 175°C. Tempering higher than 230°C will typically lead to reduced hardness and toughness.

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