30 Degree Behnke Carbide File Guide


30 Degree Behnke Carbide File Guide 82 x 50 x 15 mm.

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30 Degree Behnke Carbide File Guide is designed to generate a 30 degree bevel on both the bolster and scales of a fixed blade or folding knife in the shortest period of time possible.

In collaboration with Bill Behnke, James Rodebaugh, ABS MS of Carpenter Wyoming, contributed to this design concept.

These file guides are constructed of 4142 HT Alloy Steel and have three bits of C2 Carbide on them.

Similar to all of the behanke guides, The C2 Carbide Blanks are Surface Ground! The fact that this is ground ensures that the bolster’s surfaces are in the same plane as the handle. When creating strengthened knives, it’s a huge time saver.


  • Plates of carbide create a flat surface for consistent grinds.
  • Resistant to ceramic abrasives.
  • Easily adjustable.

The pins are 1/4-20 socket cap screws with a 1 3/4″ length and an Allen wrench included. Abrasives other than diamond files have little effect on carbide.

At maximum width, this integral file guide measures 82 x 50 x 15 mm

Note: Ceramic belts will scratch but should not be detrimental in the performance of this tool. Avoid overheating while grinding as this will cause the carbide to crack or delaminate. This is not a clamp – over-tightening, especially on a small cross-section can cause the carbide to crack or delaminate. Not suitable for use with Silicon Carbide and Diamond Abrasives. Aluminium oxide and most ceramic belts will not damage the carbide.

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