Angelus Paint Brush Set. Five professional grade paint brushes used for general paint work.
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Angelus Paint Brush Set

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Angelus Paint Brush Set of 5. When paired with Angelus Acrylic Paints, these high quality, soft synthetic fibre brushes allow for longer brush strokes on any project.

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Angelus Paint Brush Set of five paint brushes. When paired with Angelus Leather Acrylic Paints, Angelus Paint Brushes perform exceptionally well. Made from numerous soft synthetic fibres, they allow for longer, more satisfying strokes with minimal visible brush strokes left behind.

Features and Benefits

  • Numerous soft synthetic fibres leave minimal brush strokes behind for a great result
  • Set includes five brushes – one of each of the following:
    • #2 Round – For Thin Lines, Small Details, and Monogramming
    • #6 Flat – For Square Shapes, Sharp Edges, and Filling/Blending
    • #10 Flat – For Base Coats, Broad Strokes, and Heavy Blending
    • #6 Filbert -For Rounded Edges, Paint Control, and Blending
    • 1/2″ Angular – For Angle Shapes, Edge Detailing, and Multiple Lines

Also Available: Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush Set of 5 paint brushes for fine detail work.

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