Artisan Essentials 30W Fibre Marking Laser

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Artisan Essentials 30W Fibre Marking Laser. The easiest way to make your mark on blades, plastics, tools and other items.

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Make your mark with this 30W Fibre Marking Laser. The quick, easy way to mark your blades, tools, and other items. This fibre laser will directly mark steel without the need for any other consumables or materials. Simply design the etch you want in the software program, line up your material, and press the button. Perfect for custom designs as well as makers marks.

Features and Benefits

  • Marks directly on steel, allowing you to add your makers mark, custom messages or designs without the need for stencils or other consumables.
  • Supplied with 2 lenses, allowing for fast, detailed, deep etches in small areas, or etching on larger pieces.
  • Includes a rotary unit for marking of rings, tools, cups or other round or faceted items.
  • Australian power cord allows this unit to run from a standard household power point with no need for dedicated wiring or external power adapters.
  • Will mark steel, other metals, plastics, leather, making it a highly versatile machine.


  • EZCAD Controller & Software(original)
  • Fixed high quality aluminium worktable
  • Double Red Dot for easy focus adjustment
  • Foot Switch
  • Manual auto focus
  • Working size: 110x110mm, 300x300mm
  • Laser Power: 30W
  • Laser source: JPT LP
  • 100% aluminium machine cover
  • Minimum Character 0.15mm
  • Minimum Linear Width 0.01mm
  • Data Transfer: USB2.0 transmission
  • Total Power 500W
  • 3 year warranty
  • No consumable parts
  • 100,000 hour expected work life