Artisan Supplies Carbide Faced File Guide


Grind and file straight edges and flat faces with exceptional precision, versatility and accuracy with the Artisan Supplies Carbide Faced File Guide.

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Artisan Supplies Carbide Faced File Guide. Ideal for knife, model and tool makers, fitter and turners and machinists looking for exceptional precision and accuracy when grinding and filing straight edges and flat faces. Designed with input from Australia’s leading knife makers, this file guide offers superior functionality and versatility. Whether grinding blade bevels, flattening blade shoulders before guard fitting, or hand-filing delicate components, this guide will more than fulfill your filing needs.

Holds workpieces measuring 60 x 35 mm comfortably while maintaining an industry-leading level of accuracy. The full dimensions of the file guide are 100 x 15 x 65 mm.

Better clamping accuracy for small or tapered parts

Offset and upsized guide pins, tightened machine tolerances and clamp screws greatly alleviate the issue of twisting and canting when clamping small parts. This ensures guide faces remain square when tightened, improving the flatness of finished parts.

Interchangeable faces for superior versatility

Comes with three sets of interchangeable faces to support a larger range of applications:

  • 80 HRC carbide faces for use on belt grinders. Each carbide face measures 79 x 10 x 3.9 mm.
  • Hardened steel faces for the optimum balance between wear resistance and damage to files. Each hardened steel face measures 79 x 10 x 3.9 mm.
  • Unhardened steel faces that protect delicate tools and materials from damage. Each unhardened steel face measures 79 x 10 x 4.9 mm.

Solid, durable construction

Durable and corrosion-resistant martensitic stainless steel construction allows the guide to hold very small parts while surface grinding or machining with a magnetic chuck. The guide also features a lip on the outside edge to support the carbide and steel faces.

New to the market, the Artisan Supplies Carbide Faced File Guide will take your custom knives to the next level.

NOTE: Ceramic and silicon carbide belts can damage your file guide. It is recommended that you use aluminium oxide belts when grinding to the guide. If you use a file with carbide faces, contact with the faces can destroy your file. This guide is not indented for use solely as a  clamp, doing so may damage your guide.

Also available: Replacement Carbide Faces and Replacement Hardened Steel Faces.

Often purchased with: 123 Block Set, Precision Engineer Square 100mm and Precision Engineer Ruler 150mm.

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