Artisan Supplies Tiny Large Carbide File Guide

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Features compensation screws to better counter twisting of the guide body, a larger clamping area for bigger workpieces and increased carbide surface area allowing for even higher levels of accuracy.

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Artisan Supplies Tiny Large Carbide File Guide

Ideal for knife, model and tool makers, fitters and turners and machinists looking for exceptional precision and accuracy when grinding and filing straight edges and flat faces. Designed with input from Australia’s leading knife makers, this larger file guide offers outstanding functionality and versatility. Featuring a larger clamping area that’s excellent for working on more sizeable workpieces and an increased carbide surface area that allows for even higher levels of accuracy.

Holds workpieces measuring a huge 70 x 60 mm comfortably, while maintaining an industry-leading level of accuracy. The full dimensions are 125 x 25 x 115 mm.


Artisan Supplies Tiny Large Carbide File Guide includes:

  • Artisan Supplies Tiny Large Carbide File Guide
  • 2x compensation screws
  • 3x Allen keys
  • Padded and embroidered protective case with Tiny Compensate For Everything branding on the front


Better clamping accuracy

Clamping on shallow or tapered pieces such as guards can force file guides out of alignment, resulting in a surface that isn’t truly flat. Tiny features something not seen on most file guides on the market – a pair of compensation screws that thread into the guide from the back, applying pressure at the bottom edge of the file guide to better counter twisting of the guide body.

Offset and upsized guide pins and clamp screws, and tight machine tolerances greatly alleviate the issue of twisting and canting when clamping small parts. Combined with the compensation screws, this ensures guide faces remain perfectly square when tightened, greatly improving the flatness of finished parts.


Purpose-built for larger workpieces

A wider clamping area and upsized guide pins and clamp screws make Tiny ideal for working with larger pieces such as flat guards and bolsters. Also great for flat-facing timber blocks and other materials where a gap-free fit-up of surfaces is desired.

The increased mass of the Tiny file guide provides better stability and improved vibration resistance when used with belt and disc grinders, compared to smaller file guides.


Larger carbide faces

Increased carbide size provides a larger plane of reference for improved flatness and accuracy.


Solid, durable construction

Durable and corrosion-resistant martensitic stainless steel construction allows the guide to hold very small parts while surface grinding or machining with a magnetic chuck. The guide also features a lip on the outside edge to support the carbide faces.

New to the market, the Artisan Supplies Tiny Large Carbide File Guide will take your custom knives and other projects to the next level.


NOTE: Ceramic and silicon carbide belts can damage your file guide. It is recommended that you use aluminium oxide belts when grinding to the guide. If you use a file with carbide faces, contact with the faces can destroy your file. This guide is not indented for use solely as a  clamp, doing so may damage your guide.


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