Axe Wax 2oz (60ml)


Axe Wax – 60 ml. A premium, all-natural, food safe wood finish.

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Axe Wax 2 oz (60 ml) is a premium, all-natural, food safe wood finish. Handmade, this true hardening paste wax is excellent for knife and axe handles. It is also great for protecting blades from corrosion, can be used to waterproof and condition leather and to seal cutting boards.


  • 100% all-natural and food safe. Does not contain mineral oil (petroleum byproducts) or boiled linseed oil (often containing chemical drying agents).
  • Versatile. Can protect a range of materials – metal, leather and wood.
  • Hardens fully after application, eliminating oily residue left by other polishes and enhancing shine for a more attractive end product.
  • Dries quickly, preventing the wax from becoming slippery.
  • Handmade in USA, ensuring each unit sold is the finest quality possible.

Apply a tiny amount of Axe Wax to warm wood or leather for maximum effect. Ensure the wax covers the entire surface. Wait 10-15 minutes for it to absorb, then wipe away the excess with a clean, dry rag (like an old t-shirt). As needed, apply additional coats.

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1 review for Axe Wax 2oz (60ml)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Brenton Cumberpatch

    Goes on easily and dries without tackiness. Have used this on new wood handles, when reconditioning older tool handles as well as apply to the blades of my knives after finishing. Has a pleasant citrus smell and apparently you can also put it in your hair & beard…

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