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Behnke Carbide Faced Medium File Guide

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Behnke Carbide Faced Medium File Guide

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Carbide faced file guides are used to set an accurate and symmetrical stop when grinding or filing. They can be used to set plunge lines and can safely come into contact with even ceramic abrasive belts. The other common use is filing or grinding shoulders onto the ricasso of a hidden tang knife where it meets the guard.

Not suitable for use with Silicon Carbide and Diamond Abrasives. Aluminium oxide and most ceramic belts will not damage the carbide.

These guides are made from 4142 HT Alloy Steel, with C2 Tungsten Carbide bonded to one side of each bar. The 4142 HT Alloy is better suited for this application as it is more stable after machining.

The guide pins are hardened and free-floating for ease of opening and closing. If you prefer them to be fixed, they can be held in place with a dab of superglue on one side. Also supplied are 2 ea. 1/4-20 socket cap screws and an Allen wrench.

The carbide is not affected by abrasives other than the diamond. Ceramic belts will scratch but should not be detrimental in the performance of this tool. Avoid over heating while grinding as this will cause the carbide to crack or delaminate. This is not a clamp – over-tightening, especially on a small cross section can cause the carbide to crack or delaminate.

The maximum width of stock this file guide can hold is 58mm.

The maximum thickness of stock this file guide can hold is 12mm.

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