Belt End Template


Belt End Template.

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This Belt / Strap End Template is made from very sturdy plastic and will allow you to take the guess work out of your belt ends. It has the advantage of containing eight different sizes in one template. You can use a scratch awl to mark out your cut line. Alternatively, you can cut directly around the template and then simply flip the template over and make your opposite cut.

Eight sizes in one:

  • 15 mm
  • 18 mm
  • 21 mm
  • 24 mm
  • 27 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 40 mm

Each point comes with pre-measured holes so you can transfer them straight onto your straps.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 0.5 cm


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