Brodbeck Ironworks Pneumatic Misting System

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Brodbeck Ironworks Pneumatic Misting System – keep your cool while grinding. Connect your water bucket and compressor and get started!

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The Brodbeck Ironworks Pneumatic Misting System is the perfect product to help keep your work cool while grinding. Simply fill the bucket with either water, or your preferred grinding coolant, connect your air compressor, and start grinding! This misting system is suitable for use with both belt and disc grinders, and is ideal for use with the Super Reaper Interchangeable Disk Grinding System.

Features and Benefits

  • Individually adjustable air and water valves to fine tune your preferred spray pattern
  • Magnetic base and flexible neck, allows for simple adjustment and precise positioning of spray
  • Uses your existing air compressor, eliminating the need for additional pumps or associated risks from electrical connections
  • Long 1.5m air hose allows movement between multiple machines for increased versatility and utility
  • Product includes:
    • Adjustable air/water valve with magnet and flexible shaft spray nozzle head
    • 1.5m Water tube with filter
    • 1.5m Air Tube with 1/4” industrial quick disconnect
    • 4L bucket with Lid and grommet for water tube

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