[BULK BUY FULL PAYMENT] Flexing Reaper Premium Ceramic Abrasive Belts 2 x 72″ (50 x 1830mm)

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30-40% off each pack!!

To order comment the size and grits you want Available in 2×48” and 2×72”

All belts are sold as full packs of 12. Adding 1 item to your cart adds 1 pack of 12 belts.

Our good friends at Klingspor are working with us to bring you amazing pricing on full packs of ceramic belts at almost 50% off the regular price!

These are German manufactured precision abrasives and the belts are converted locally by Klingspor.

Red Reaper

In 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120 grit – these are the sharpest ceramic belts we’ve ever used; Klingspors’s manufacturing technology ensures the sharp points of the ceramic grains are standing up, not laying down. My favourite is the 40 grit – it makes short work of full height flat grinds on 10mm thick 50mm wide bowies and choppers. The finish left by the 120 grit belt is impressively consistent – I finish at 120 then heat treat.

Necro Reaper

In 24 (24!), 36, and 60 grit – these use the same ceramic grain as the red belts with the addition of a coating that dissipates heat. These were developed for grinding extremely wear resistant materials like titanium and stainless alloys and the cooling top coat extends the belt’s life. Handy for heavy stock removal, and post-heat treat grinding on hard steel when you don’t want to overheat your blade.

Flexing Reaper

Ceramic J-Flex in 240 and 400 grit – great for refining your scratch pattern, satin finishing fittings, sharpening, and slack belt grinding inside tight radii or for subtle curvature to your bolsters and fittings.


All belts are sold as full packs of 12. Adding 1 item to your cart adds 1 pack of 12 belts.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

240 grit, 400 grit