Cobalt Hacksaw Blade

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Sutton Cobalt Hacksaw Blade

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Cobalt Hacksaw blades are perfect for cutting all sorts of materials commonly used in knifemaking. They are suitable for cutting steel, non-ferrous metals, G10 and micarta, among others.

Sutton Tools Heavy Duty Bi-Metal Cobalt Hacksaw Blades are shatterproof, with superior cutting power & flexibility. The Cobalt material give these blades exceptional life for tougher applications such as stainless steel. tHESE hacksaw blades have 300mm hole centers to fit all standard size hacksaw frames.

18 TPI: For 6-25mm materials eg pipe, angle iron & steel bar.
24 TPI: For 3-6mm materials eg conduit, heavy sheet metal & tubing.
32 TPI: For <3mm materials eg thin sheet metal & metal trim.

Sutton Tools are an Australian company and a supplier of high-quality tools.

Product features:

  • Colour coded and clear markings for easy identification
  • 300mm pin hole centers fit all standard hacksaw frames
  • Made from Bi-Metal Cobalt HSS. Premium quality for toughness and longer life
  • Suitable for cutting a wide range of knifemaking materials

Additional information

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 25 × 0.8 × 0.8 cm

18T, 24T, 32T