D2 Tool Steel (Bohler K110) 20x38x750mm


D2 Tool Steel (Bohler K110) 20x38x750mm


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This is K110 tool steel, Bohler’s equivalent of AISI D2 tool steel.

One bar of steel 20x38x750mm approximate weight 4.71kg.

D2 is a wear resistant tool steel known for its excellent edge retention when used in knives. D2’s high chromium content also gives it good stain/rust resistance, which can be enhanced with the right heat treatment.

Nominal composition:

Carbon: 1.55%

Chromium: 11.3%

Vanadium: 0.75%

Molybdenum: 0.75%

Manganese: 0.30%

Silicon: 0.30%


Recommended heat treatment for D2 for use in fine cutting tools and to maximise stain resistance:

*Seal blade in double crimped high temperature stainless steel tool wrap

*Preheat to 850°C, hold for 5 minutes

*Austenitise at 1030°C for 30-60 minutes

*Plate quench

*Cold treatment; liquid nitrogen, dry ice slurry, domestic freezer – the colder the better

*Temper at 225-275°C for 2 hours, three times

*Alternatively, if not using cold treatment, temper at 540°C for 2 hours, three times, to take advantage of secondary hardening and improved dimensional stability when used in higher temperature tool applications

Recommended working hardness 58-61HRC

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 75 × 4 × 2 cm


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