DAMACORE® DC18N Hakkapella™ 2.5 x 63 x 357mm


DAMACORE® DC18N Hakkapella™ 2.5 x 35 x 357 mm.

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Damacore® DC18N is a high quality knife steel. The center core consists of N11X™, a high nitrogen alloyed steel with distinctive properties. The Damascus patterned outer layers consists of RWL34™ and PMC27™. N11X™ is added to the core in order to achieve some specific properties when heat treated. RWL34™ and PMC27™ are added to achieve both beauty and function. For example edge holding. This steel grade can be hardened to 59-61 HRC and has an edge retention that is superior to many other knife foundry products.


  • High nitrogen content which allows the steel to achieve an excellent combination of strength and flexibility.
  • Extremely good edge retention, razor sharpness and a unique beauty. In addition, the DC18N™ can be polished to an exquisite finish that few other steels can achieve.


2.5 x 63 x 357 mm

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