DAMACORE® DC18N Hugin™ 2.5 x 35 x 357mm



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A bar of Damacore® stainless damascus with a core of N11X™ nitrogen stainless steel and outer layers of Hugin™ Damasteel®. The bar measures 2.5 x 35 x 357mm. Damasteel’s stainless Damascus patterned steel, Damacore® DC18N is a powder metallurgy-based steel with three different alloys. The center, the core consists of N11X™, a high nitrogen steel with distinctive properties combining outstanding corrosion resistance with edge sharpness, wear resistance, strength and ductility. The Damascus patterned outer layers consists of RWL34™ and PMC27™. They are both variants of martensitic stainless steel with a minimum of 13 percent chromium content. They have been proven very suitable as a knife material, for long cherished in Damasteel DS93X™ martensitic Damascus patterned steel. The three alloys combined in Damasteel’s process gives the Damacore® DC18N unique and exceptional properties. This ultimate blend provides the most technology-advanced blade steel available.

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