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When Damasteel is priced per centimetre, if you add a quantity of ’12’ to your cart we will cut off a 12cm section for you. If you want a 32cm bar, add a quantity of ’32’ to your cart. The minimum order quantity is 10cm. Do not add a quantity of less than ’10’ to your cart unless you have made prior arrangements where a cutting fee applies. It is sold in an unhardened state and will need to be heat treated for use as a knife, and etched to reveal the pattern. All the DS93X Damasteel consists of RWL34 (a powder metallurgy version of ATS34 stainless) and a powder metallurgy version of 12C27 stainless. Heat treating it as per RWL34 should yield best results. Other types like DS92X and DS96X are made of lower carbon stainless and are not suitable for knives, intended for gun barrels or jewelry.

Pattern/Part Number Dimensions, Metric
GYSINGE-156-1.5-48 38 x 4 mm

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Steel Description and Range


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Weight 0.0012 kg
Dimensions 1 × 3.8 × 0.4 cm


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