Damasteel Martensitic Damascus Round Bar DS93X™



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Damasteel Martensitic Damascus Round Bar DS93X™ consists of two different harden able steel grades, welded together in more than one hundred layers. The steel becomes stainless after heat treatment. It combines corrosion resistance with superior strength. The high-alloy steel is not only durable and strong, but is also stainless. Damasteel are also the only steel producer in the world to use powder metallurgy, which Damasteel® holds the patent for. Our smiths have a touch that embodies a passion for their profession that is visible in the final product. Damasteel® simply manufactures a steel that gives our customers around the world incredible opportunities for personal  creativity. Your high standards on design and function are our priority. damasteel alloys The picture above shows the imperceptible transition between the two alloys in Damasteel DS93X. The grains in the transition zone contains both alloys. An excellent steel for edge tools such as knives. Damasteel is the best performing stainless Damascus steel in the world using the latest gas-atomized PM technology with very high cleanliness. It has incomparable toughness and strength combined with excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. This allows for a very user friendly Damascus steel that is made to be abused. Read here why to choose Damasteel. Contact Artisan SuppliesContact us for More Information and Prices for Damasteel Martensitic Damascus Round Bar. More details to Physical properties, Corrosion resistance, Heat Treatment, Hardening, Welding, Machining, Surface Treatment and others: Damasteel Martensitic Damascus Round Bar DS93X™ product specification sheet

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