Damasteel Stainless Damascus for Jewellery (austenitic)

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Damasteel Austenitic round bar is made from the extremely corrosion resistant alloys 304L and 316L. Unlike the Martensitic blade steels, this material cannot be hardened, however it is ideal for the manufacture of rings and other jewellery.  All of the above rings were made on a lathe, either from parting off the end of round bar, or machining the rings out long wise to  get different effects and patterns.

Austenitic stainless is etched in acid after machining and polishing to reveal the patterns.

Please see the Spec sheets on Damasteel’s web site for more details.

Minimum cut is 10cm, smaller cuts can be made but a $30 surcharge applies. When purchasing, a quantity of 1 is a 1cm cut, 2 is a 2cm cut, 3 is a 3cm cut, etc.


Part Number Diameter Pattern
TWIST-ADRB-1 25mm Dense Twist , Straight parallel lines twisted.
BLUETONGUE-27-1-RND 27mm Bluetongue, Circles running lengthways along the bar
HEIMSKRINGLA-27-1-RND 27mm Heimskringla, Bluetongue pattern twisted

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