Eveleigh Works Cross Pein Hammer 1 kg


Eveleigh Works Pein Hammer 1 kg.

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This Eveleigh Works Cross Pein Hammer 1 kg is an essential tool for forging. It is Ideal for both beginner and experienced blacksmiths and bladesmiths.

Made in Australia by the team at the historic Eveleigh Works blacksmithing workshop in Sydney, it has been expertly forged and heat treated by masters of the craft.

Capable of full faced blows on the flat face and very aggressive or precise forging with the cross (horizontal) pein. This cross peen hammer will allow you to effectively true and square work, as well as draw it out efficiently. It is a very effective tool for both blacksmithing and bladesmithing that suits many forging needs.


  • Forged from 1045 steel due to its durability, toughness and impact strength
  • Spotted gum handle that is resilient and shock resisting
  • Cross pein shape that has evolved over generations to ensure an exceptional blacksmithing hammer
  • Australian made by experts in their trade ensuring high-quality and a hammer that will last

If requiring a heavier hammer see Eveleigh Works Cross Pein Hammer 1.5 kg.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 12 cm


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