Gelandangan’s Flash Toner Stencil Blanks



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Flash toner stencil blanks are used to easily and effectively transfer your designs to a stencil to be used as a resist for metal etching. Requires xenon flash to work effectively, METZ CT45 recommended flash product, in conjunction with TONER printed images.

  1. Toner images are made with your laser printer
  2. Toner image is placed on backing such as neoprene
  3. Stencil blank is placed over image, shiny side down
  4. Place clear glass over stencil blank, place flash over stencil and press down firmly fire flash.
  5. Inspect transfer of stencil is ok, image should be firmly imprinted.
  6. Tape stencil to metal to be etched
  7. Follow Metal Marker MK3 instructions to etch.


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