Giraffe Bone Scales #6 E25

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Ethically sourced Giraffe Bone Scales #6 E25 with unique textures great for your next knife handle. Approximately 139 x 50 x 10 mm

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Giraffe Bone Scales #6 E25. Measures Approximately 139 x 50 x 10 mm for each scale.

Giraffe Bone Scales are ethically sourced from South Africa and do not threaten the survival of any species of animal. This is a one-off pair of scales, that is unique with a beautiful deep natural coloured pattern.

Note: Giraffe Bones are organic materials and may come with minor variations and characteristics, and can fluctuate in size.

Often purchased with: Pins, Fasteners & Lanyard Tubes, Sandpaper and Epoxies.

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