High Temperature Stainless Steel Braided Thermocouple

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High Temperature Stainless Steel Braided Thermocouple.

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High Temperature Stainless Steel Braided Thermocouple. Used with our Digital Thermometer, this is an excellent addition to any forge to assist in heat treating carbon steels.

Features and Benefits

  • Able to read temperatures as high as 900°C
  • Can read higher temperatures, though this greatly reduces its life expectancy
  • ‘K’ type connection and most suitable for use with Digital Thermometer
  • 1m long wire helps thermometer to sit comfortably away from heat of kiln or forge

Also Available Premium High Temperature Thermocouple for longer service life and reading temperatures over 1,000°C.

Check out this video of Corin heat treating blades using the Digital Thermometer and High Temperature Thermocouple!



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