Hitachi Blue Paper Steel San Mai 3.4 x 33 x 344mm


Hitachi Blue Paper Steel San Mai Bar 3.4 x 33 x 344 mm

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One bar of Hitachi Blue Paper Steel San Mai is approximately 3.4 x 33 x 344 mm. Japanese Hitachi Blue Paper Steel is laminated with 3 total layers, making it ideal for decorative high-end Japenese styled kitchen knives.

Similar to white paper steel, blue paper steel is the same with the extra benefit of chromium and tungsten added, giving the blade steel more edge retention.


  • Combination of very fine grain and high carbon content allows for the knife blade to take a razor edge with ease
  • When etched in ferric chloride, the thick layers of cladding stay bright while the core/cutting edge and the thin layers of carbon steel become dark for a strongly contrasting pattern
  • Mutli-layered blade steel that creates impressive visuals, great for daggers
  • Excellent edge retention and hardness for the knife blade to be exercised.


Alloy Composition:

Element %
Carbon: 1.05 – 1.15%
Tungsten: 1.0-1.5%
Chromium 0.20%
Manganese: 0.20-.030%
Silicon: 0.10 – 0.20%
Phosphorus: 0.025%
Sulfur: 0.004%


Recommended Heat Treatment

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