Jewellers Saw Blades,12 pack, Vallorbe Size 0

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Jewellers saws are a fantastic product for your delicate model making, knifemaking or jewellery project. With these tools you can cut out super fine shapes.

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Vallorbe is the biggest name in precision jewellery files and saws. Gameco stock adjustable saw frames to cut your delicate materials with precision and ease. the blades range in size from 8/0 (finest tooth count) through to 8 (coarsest tooth count), You will need coarser teeth for thicker material. most work is normally done between 0/3 and 3 for material around 1mm thick.

For the fine cutting of silver, gold, brass, copper and other unhardened materials.

Here is a great video of how these tools can be used for knife making.

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