Juma Handle Scales Purple Dragon 43mm Wide

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Juma Handle Scales Purple Dragon 43 mm wide.

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Juma Handle Scales Purple Dragon 43 mm wide. Includes 2 x handle scales each measuring approximately 10 x 43 x 120 mm.

Juma is a popular choice for the manufacture of knife handles, as well as bolsters, inlays and features in handles made from other materials. It feels great in the hand and is resistant to moisture, fats and oils, making it excellent for applications such as food preparation.

Juma Handle Scales with a Purple Dragon pattern:

  • Colour really pops, with a distinctive and unique purple dragon pattern throughout.
  • Are a high-grade, modern mineral-based material cast with resin.
  • Will cut, drill, grind and polish exceptionally well.
  • Have a high coefficient of elasticity, greatly reducing the risk of breakage.
  • Are resistant to all conventional cleaning agents, fats and oils that a knife handle could come into contact with.
  • Can be polished or coated with lacquers.
  • Have great thermal properties.

Additional Juma & Elforyn options are also available.

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