Kydex Sheet 2mm (0.08″) x 300mm x 600mm Army Green

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Army Green coloured Kydex Sheet. 2mm (0.08″) Thick, 300mm x 600mm wide.

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Kydex Sheet 2 mm (0.08″) x 300 mm x 600 mm in Army Green.

Kydex is a thermoform plastic sheet that can be moulded and formed when hot. It is ideal for manufacturing strong, robust, hard-working sheaths and holsters. It is also used frequently to make belt and utility clips to hold items on a belt or backpack.

Alternative uses for Kydex include making quick and easy product templates, producing slip covers for storing and/or transporting kitchen knives and manufacturing props for cosplay or theatre and film projects.

Kydex is used heavily within the armed forces and emergency services.

  • High-performance, long-lasting, kydex sheets are engineered to endure degrees of damage ranging from mild to extreme, thanks to its high impact performance like no other thermoplastic and exceptional chemical resistance.
  • The capacity to be thermoformed is unique. Membrane pressed, post formed, brake formed, laminated, and mitre folded.

Often purchased with: Fasteners, Clips & Attachments and Eyelets & Spacers 

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Dimensions 60 × 30 × 0.2 cm


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