Kydex Ulticlip Slim 2.2


Kydex Ulticlip Slim 2.2 ideal for smaller clipping applications while still providing great retention. Perfect where mounting space is limited.


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Kydex Ulticlip Slim 2.2 when used with the Ultiplate Ulticlip Mounting Plate provides an ideal clip solution for kydex sheaths. This clip size is excellent for smaller applications – small knives / pouches while still providing great retention. Also perfect where mounting space is limited. If needing screws, the Ulticlip 30 Piece Screw Kit is invaluable for mounting Ulticlip products to a range of sheaths and holsters, particularly kydex sheaths.


  • Build that is great for belt-less carry
  • Military grade black oxide finish
  • Heat treated to RC 42-49
  • C-1075 spring steel
  • Steel that has been wax/oil treated. This aids in smooth operation & inhibits rust
  • Minimum profile for maximum concealment
  • Single slotted mounting bracket that allows for two screws to prevent the clip from rotating
  • Size: 55.88 mm (2.2″) x 15.24 mm (0.60″)
  • American Made

For applications that require a long clip, view Kydex Ulticlip Slim 3.3

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