Nickel Alloy Steel 15N20 3.3 x 50 x 900mm34

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15N20 is a carbon steel  also containing Nickel. Its primary use by bladesmiths, gunsmiths and other manufacturers of “Damascus “ pattern welded steel, is to provide a contrasting  layer when forge welded to simple carbon steels. It can also be used like 1075 or 1084 as a cutlery steel in its own right. 15N20 is not supplied annealed.

Recommended Working Sequence For 15N20

Forging:  to 2150 °F (1175 °C). Do not forge below 1500 °F (815 °C)

Normalizing: Heat to 1600 °F (870 °C). Cool in still air. Follow up with further refinement cycles.

Annealing: Heat to 1500 °F (815 °C). Furnace cool to 1200 °F (650 °C) at a rate not exceeding 50 °F (28 °C) per hour.

Grinding or Machining

Hardening: Austenitize- Heat to no higher than 1500 °F (815 °C). Quench in G-Quench or equivalent oil.

Tempering:  As-quenched hardness of approximately 65 HRC. Hardness can be adjusted downward by proper tempering max 392°F (200 °C)



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