Nitro-V Stainless steel 3.1 x 340 x 1244mm

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Nitro-V Stainless steel 3.1 x 340 x 1244 mm.

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One sheet of Nitro-V stainless steel measuring 3.1 x 340 x 1244 mm.

Nitro-V is a martensitic stainless steel based on the chemistry of AEB-L razorblade steel, however Nitro-V has been enriched with Nitrogen and Vanadium to create a new alloy that provides exceptional edge performance, high hardness, and above all toughness.

Similar to AEB-L steel Nitro-V with the added chromium has excellent corrosion resistance.

Nitro-V has high hardenability so it can be cooled in air or plate quenched for hardness.

Alloy Composition:

Element %
Carbon: 0.680%
Silicon: 0.384%
Manganese: 0.780%
Phosphorus: 0.0190%
Sulfur: 0.0020%
Chromium: 12.980%
Vanadium: 0.079%
Nitrogen: 0.1098%


Heat treatment:

  • Seal blade in double crimped high-temperature Stainless Steel Tool Wrap or coat in Anti-Scale Compound
  • Preheat to 825°C and hold for 5 minutes
  • Heat and Austenitise at 1065°C and hold for 15 minutes
  • Quench between aluminum plates
  • Cold treatment; domestic freezer, dry ice slurry, liquid nitrogen – the colder the better
  • Temper at 150-200°C for 2 hours, twice

Recommended working hardness 58-63 HRC


3.1 x 340 x 1244 mm.

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