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Suitable for 125mm angle grinder. Use in grit progression after Norton Blaze Flap Disc – 80 Grit and before Norton Rapid Blend Vortex. The Norton Blaze Rapid Stripping discs can be used on heavy corrosion and rust to thick coatings on metal components and as a fast paint stripper for car restoration projects. Essentially it will strip and clean almost anything. This paint and rust remover disc contains a unique ceramic structure that when in use will continuously stay sharp due to the ceramic grain technology. The ceramic grain shape is sharper with keener cutting edges that will provide an instant and rapid paint and rust removal process. The benefits of using the Blaze Rapid Strip is that it does not shed on rust encrusted pieces, and does not load and clog from soft metals, sticky coating or adhesives. The rust removal disc will efficiently strip and clean to provide a perfect base for re-painting / coating. Rapid Strip discs are constructed with thick, strong, synthetic fibres and extra-coarse silicon carbide abrasive. The open web construction of the disc provides fast cutting action with very little loading. Safer than wire bristle tools, Rapid Strip is suitable for use in many industries. Features and benefits:

  • Due to the depressed centre, benefits include: longer life and aggressive cutting power
  • Does not load or clog on soft metals
  • Efficiently cleans rust and strips paint perfect for re-painting / coating
  • Provides flawless surface prior to welding
  • Safe to use on steels, aluminium, cast iron, fibre glass and composites.

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