NZ Clearance Aluminium Quench Plates 25 x 100 x 495mm

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Aluminium Quench Plates 25 x 100 x 495 mm.

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Pair of 25 x 100 x 495 mm 6060 grade aluminium plates.

Aluminium quench plates are used when heat treating stainless and high alloy steels with slower quench speeds. The plates are heat sinks that quickly cool the blade and also hold it straight. Clamp the plates with the blade between them to ensure firm contact while quenching.

Plate quenching will give a more optimal hardening response than air quenching and will keep blades straighter than oil quenching. Blades are typically cool enough to handle within a minute and can then be given a cold treatment or tempered.

*Not suitable for quenching carbon steel or low alloy steel, which needs a faster quench rate.


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