Outside Micrometer 0-25mm


Outside Micrometer 0-25mm

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Outside Micrometer 0-25mm is perfect for measuring external dimensions of any small space or item, including pins and blade materials. This is a particularly great tool for anyone getting into making folding knives, where tight tolerances are absolutely critical. Made from heavy duty stainless steel with hard wearing Tungsten Carbide measuring faces, it is perfect for any trade professional.

Measuring range: 0–25mm
Graduations: 0.01mm
Accuracy: ±0.004mm

P&N Workshop tools are supplied by Sutton Tools – an Australian company and a supplier of high-quality tools.

Product features:

  • Sharp graduations on satin finished bar
  • Tungsten carbide measuring faces
  • Smooth operation: 1 turn equivalent to 1mm of spindle movement
  • Confirms to DIN862 standards
  • Tapered bow frame with high carbon hardened steel spindle
  • Ratchet stop and locking lever

Additional information

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 25 × 0.8 × 0.8 cm


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