Personalizer Metal Marking and Etching Machine 240v



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Personalizer and Personalizer Plus Metal Etching Machine 240V. For all your metal marking and etching needs on blades and more.


  • Etching Block
  • 1 small bottle of SCE-1 etch solution (suitable for aluminium, stellite, stainless, mild steel, and tool steel)
  • 1 small bottle of SCE-4 etch solution (suitable for stainless, low carbon, and mild steel)
  • 1 small bottle of cleaner
  • Pack of additional etch pads
  • strip practice stencils
  • Instructions
  • 240v Australian 50hz plug suited to Australian standard AS3112

The electro chemical etching machine. A suitable machine that will etch (remove metal) or mark metal.
The difference between the Personalizer and Personalizer Plus is the Plus model has variable voltage (this is good). This variable voltage will enable you to etch or mark metals at slower or faster rates depending on what you need and how deep you want to etch.

“Personalizer” Power Unit
Very popular in the cutlery and custom knife-making industry, the Personalizer is an electro chemical etching machine ideal for low volume metal marking applications. It’s no wonder that tens of thousands of these units have been sold to knife makers, gunsmiths, and medical instrument manufacturers worldwide. With 72 watts of power, this popular model produces high contrast markings in just a few seconds. If reliability, at an affordable price point and high performance are your requirements, the Personalizer is the perfect unit for you. We have had these made specifically for Australian customers fitted with Australian plugs.

“Personalizer Plus” Power Unit
This unit builds on the foundations set from the Personalizer unit. With 72 watts of power and variable output voltages of 0-20, this unit allows you to choose the rate at which you etch your metals. This variable rate means you can really find the sweet spot for each steel. Due to the different compositions of each alloy they can have slight differences in how much power is required for the etch you’re looking for, this unit means you can really dial it into that spot.


Visit a tutorial here:

Tip: Use cotton make up removal pads from a pharmacy or from the shops for cheaper etch pads.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 4 cm
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Personalizer, Personalizer Plus


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