ROCK Torch- LP Gas and Compressed Air Heating Torch

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ROCK LP Gas and Compressed Air Heating torch – for high powered heating without the need for an oxy setup.



Available exclusively from Gameco Artisan Supplies. Australian Made Torch & Hose!

THIS IS FOR PAID IN FULL PRE ORDERS ON THE FIRST RUN. Delivery May-June 2024 ESTIMATED. If a delay is an issue please do not order, pay full price on arrival.

This Australian made heating torch has been out of production for nearly two decades.

Running off compressed air and LP Gas this is a compact torch that can pack a real punch!

The ROCK torch is available complete with a gas hose, adjustable regulator and a pressure gauge. ready for you to fit your own air hose or fitting.

We are currently taking pre orders for delivery in May through June.

Whilst this torch is absolutely not got the power of Oxy-LP Gas or Oxy-Acetylene units, it packs an awesome punch capable of silver brazing and general workshop heating, without the need for expensive cylinders and rentals, it will connect to most refillable LP Gas cylinders with our hose and regulator kits. The torch runs at 100 kpa delivery pressure.

Whilst it will run off a small compressor for small work, for maximum performance, we recommend and compressor with 50-70 LPM  free air delivery and approximately a 20L tank. But the bigger your compressor the better as with all air tools.


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Regulator and Hose Length

2m, 3m, 4m, 6m, 10m