RWL34™ Stainless Steel – 3.2 x 51 x 1000mm


RWL34™ Stainless Steel – 3.2 x 51 x 1000mm

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One bar of hot rolled RWL34 stainless steel measuring 3.2x51x1000mm.

RWL34 is a premium powder metallurgy stainless blade steel. World renowned as one of the best steels for the kitchen or outdoors, this steel will not disappoint!

Named after Robert Waldorf Loveless, better known as Bob Loveless – the father of the handmade knife movement. Famous for his use of Japanese ATS34 steel, Damasteel ® improved on the formula of ATS34 and created it through a powdered metallurgy sintering process for even alloy distribution and fine grain structure. RWL34 improves every performance aspect of the steel, especially toughness.

Alloy Composition:

Carbon – 1.05%
Chromium – 14.00%
Molybdenum – 4.00%
Vanadium – 0.20%
Manganese – 0.50%
Silicon – 0.50%

Recommended Heat Treatment

  • Seal blade in double crimped high temperature stainless steel tool wrap
  • Preheat to 760°C, hold for 5 minutes
  • Austenitise at 1065°C for 30 minutes
  • Plate quench
  • Cold treatment; domestic freezer, dry ice slurry, liquid nitrogen – the colder the better
  • Temper at 150-230°C for 2 hours, twice

Recommended working hardness 59 – 63 HRC

For maximum hardness at a small loss in toughness:

  • 760°C 5 minutes
  • 1105°C 20 minutes
  • Plate quench
  • Liquid nitrogen cryo
  • Temper at 150°C for 2 hours, twice, for 64 HRC

If not using liquid nitrogen or dry ice:

  • 760°C 5 minutes
  • 1030°C 30 minutes
  • Plate quench
  • Kitchen freezer
  • Temper at 200°C for 2 hours, twice

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