Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel 2.5 x 63 x 830mm


Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel 2.5 x 63 x 830 mm.

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One sheet of Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel measuring 2.5 x 63 x 830 mm. This Swedish 12C27 stainless steel is Sandvik’s most well-rounded knife steel. With an excellent edge performance it allows razor sharpness, elevated hardness, exceptional toughness and good corrosion resistance.

12C27 stainless steel is Sandvik’s main knife steel for hand-held knives, high-end ice skate blades and ice drills. Due to continuous improvement over the past 45 years it has evolved into the high performing steel grade it is today.

With a hardness range of 54-61 HRC, high toughness, scary sharpness and good corrosion resistance, Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel is the recommended grade for hunting knives, pocket knives, camping knives, high-end chef’s knives and tactical knives.

Like most of Sandvik’s knife steels this grade is fineblankable enabling efficient production.

Alloy Composition:

Element %
Carbon: 0.60%
Chromium: 13.5%
Silicon: 0.40%
Manganese: 0.40%


Whilst our 12C27 is water jet cut, it often bends due the the internal stresses in this cold rolled steel. Watch our steel straightening video here:

Did you see the product picture? 12C27 stainless steel product picture from James Johnson, Competition Winner on the Australian Blacksmiths, Bladesmiths and Knifemakers Network.

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