Sheffcut 3 x 75 x 600mm, 26C3 with Niobium

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Introducing SheffCut our new British made Niobium added carbon steel. They took what we thought is already a great steel – 26C3 and made it in our opinion, better! The addition of Niobium to the alloy is to promote carbide formation for increased wear resistance, something that we thought can be improved over 26C3. It still though retains a lot of the properties that made 26C3 so good – such as high hardness, fine grain structure and the ability to produce some great hamons!
Excellent toughness at high hardness, commonly used for San Mai and hamons.
What is it like to work with?
SheffCut is no more difficult to work with than 26C3. It’s not particularly heavy on abrasive use, polishes very well and forges nicely too. It is also easy to keep sharp!

What sort of tasks is it suited for?
SheffCut is great for fine slicing tasks such as kitchen knives and razors.

Heat Treatment:-
Heat to 1475F – 1500F Hold for 10 minutes
interupted Water, Aquaquech or Fast Oil Quench (Houghto-Quench K)
Temper for two hours at 300F for 65HRc
Temper for two hours at 350F for 64HRc