Starbond CA Glue & Accelerator Bundle


Starbond CA Glue & Accelerator Bundle.

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Starbond CA Glue & Accelerator Bundle. Save 18% Off the total price when buying these products in this convenient pack. Items included:

Starbond Thin CA Glue – 2 oz (60 ml)

Super-fast, high-performance, premium cyanoacrylate (super glue). It is a watery-thin, instant adhesive that easily penetrates narrow spaces. Ideal for repairing cracks and hairline fractures. Starbond Thin CA Glue is very capable of strengthening porous, fragile materials such as softwood (balsa), ceramics, unpolished rocks and minerals, and fossil bones. In the course of inlay applications such as metal powder or turquoise inlays, the watery-thin CA glue penetrates and stabilizes the powder via capillary action. Regularly used as a finish by applying multiple coats, sanding, and then polishing to a high gloss.

Starbond Medium CA Glue – 2 oz (60 ml)

Multi-purpose, high-performance, premium cyanoacrylate (super glue). It is a high-strength instant adhesive that cures quickly at room temperate and has an oil-like viscosity. With properties of both the Starbond Thin CA Glue and Starbond Thick CA Glue, the Starbond Medium CA Glue is able to bond closely-fitting parts, fill small gaps, penetrate narrow slots and create high gloss wooden finishes. It is very suitable for a range of applications and materials in knifemaking, arts, crafts, and hobby model making.

Starbond Thick CA Glue – 2 oz (60 ml)

High-performance, premium cyanoacrylate (super glue) ideal for use as a gap filler. An instant adhesive with a high viscosity, it has strong bonding capabilities and easily fills large voids and gaps. Specifically designed to have a slightly longer curing length in order to extend placement time for more exact bonding.

Starbond Super Glue Accelerator – 6 oz (175 ml)

Also known as CA glue “activator”. Ideal for shortening the drying time of CA glues. It is often paired with Starbond Thick CA Glue and Starbond Black Medium CA Glue, as these take longer to dry. It is also excellent for priming uneven surfaces that are hard to bond, and in colder, drier climates where curing time is delayed. This is a solvent-based product that can be applied before and/or after the CA glue application.

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