Artisan Essentials Disc grinder kit with 2 way foot control switch
Super Reaper magnetic backing disc with flat steel disc face
Super Reaper Magnetic Disc Faces - Flat
Super Reaper Interchangeable Magnetic disk set - backing disk with three faces
Artisan Essentials Disc grinder kit with 2 way foot control switch - Foot switch detail
Artisan Essentials Disc grinder kit with 2 way foot control switch - Disc, motor and rest
Artisan Essentials Disc grinder kit with 2 way foot control switch - Artisan Essentials VFD unit

Super Reaper Interchangeable Disc Grinder Package with Foot Switch

AU $1,999.00

The Super Reaper Interchangeable disc grinder – change grits in seconds without wasting abrasives. Save time, save money, save mess.



Limited initial stock available – don’t miss out!

The Super Reaper Interchangeable Disc system compliments the class leading power and performance of Reaper Disc grinders, with a fast change system that brings a whole new world of convenience and time saving. Achieve perfectly flat bevels and square handle blocks with ease. With a 1.5hp variable speed motor, and fitted with a 2-way foot control for ease of use, this Disc Grinder is perfect for easily flattening bevels and handle parts, as well as for grinding exact angles on bolsters, wood blocks, and other parts.

The quick change disc system allows you to change between abrasive grits with total ease as well as utilize diamond laps (sold separately), and bevelled discs (sold separately).


  • Wired and programmed 1.5 Hp motor and Reaper VFD
  • Disc grinder tool rest for 1.5 Hp motor
  • Super Reaper Magnetic Mounting hub (19mm shaft)
  • 3 x Flat Sanding, interchangeable discs
  • 2 Pedal Foot Switch for clockwise/anticlockwise  use

Features and Benefits

  • Industry Leading Quick change disc system allowing super fast changing of abrasives, and promoting better abrasive life.
  • Acute back-bevelled edge on the disk allows for excellent access in tight spaces for improved versatility
  • Supplied with 3 flat disks to allow multiple grits or materials to be used without needing to replace paper every time
  • 1.5 Hp motor, Plenty of power to quickly and easily flatten your work
  • Reaper 2.2kW variable speed drive, allows you to run at the perfect speed for your job without sacrificing torque
  • Adjustable grinding rest, great for precision work such as perfectly squaring blocks of wood
  • Double Foot control for hands free operation allows you to run the disc in clockwise and anti clockwise directions without touching the VFD
  • Hands free foot switch also allows you to present your workpiece to the disc surface before starting the grinder, reducing the risk of errors
  • Additional flat disks, bevelled disks and Diamond Laps available (Sold Separately)

PLEASE NOTE: Package does NOT include the cabinet pictured

Often purchased with  Feathering Adhesive and Rhynowet

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Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 60 × 35 × 35 cm


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